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Amy selected as SNP candidate for new constituency of Mid Dunbartonshire

The SNP has selected its candidate for the next General Election in the new constituency of Mid Dunbartonshire.

Amy Callaghan, who is the current MP for East Dunbartonshire, broke the news of her selection in a video posted to social media on Friday evening. Ms Callaghan said it was “the proudest moment” of her life when she was elected four years ago, and she outlined her desire to “continuing fighting” for the residents of East Dunbartonshire.

Launching her re-election campaign, Ms Callaghan said people in East Dunbartonshire were struggling under the cost of living crisis, with spiralling mortgage interest rates and the cost of everyday items like food and clothing.

The local MP pledged to continue opposing the “politics of austerity”, and she said she would “fight each day” to make the voices of people in East Dunbartonshire heard in the House of Commons.

Ms Callaghan is a senior member of the SNP Westminster team and was recently promoted to health spokesperson. She has also led on several national campaigns since her election, including the move to have VAT removed from sunscreen.

The new constituency of Mid Dunbartonshire was created following recent changes announced by the boundary commission. It takes in most of the current constituency of East Dunbartonshire and adds more of Lenzie, Milton of Campsie, and Lennoxtown.

Commenting, Amy Callaghan MP said:

“As your MP, my number one priority is to support people in East Dunbartonshire through the cost of living crisis, and to hold the UK government to account for their lack of action. People are struggling and the crisis is being made worse by decisions made in Westminster.

“That is why we need a strong voice in Westminster, one with a record of standing up to the UK government. It is why I am asking you to re-elect me at the next General Election.

“I have never, and will never, bow to the politics of austerity, and I will make the case for policies like tax relief on mortgage payments, pushing the UK government to protect the triple lock on pensions, and standing against the benefit cap.

“I will also be a strong advocate for rejoining the European Union. The current cost of living crisis has been made so much worse because of the UK leaving the European Union, and it is clear our future should lie within the single market.

“Until then, I will continue working on local campaigns, supporting people with constituency casework, and raising your concerns in the House of Commons.

“Together we will build a brighter future for East Dunbartonshire.”

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