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Amy lays bare the the cost of Brexit in East Dunbartonshire

Local SNP MP, Amy Callaghan,has said that the Tory, Labour, and Lib Dem approach to Brexit has left voters across East Dunbartonshire poorer. 

It comes as the SNP obtained figures from the House of Commons Library which show the huge losses Scotland has felt on EU imports and exports since Brexit, as well as the decimation of direct EU funding.

The analysis reveals that, since leaving the EU, exports from the local region to the European Union are down by £407 million, while imports are down by £254 million.

Amy Callaghan MP has said that with neither Keir Starmer's pro-Brexit Labour party nor the Lib Dems offering voters a route back into the European Union, only independence can deliver Scotland's return.

Commenting, Amy Callaghan MP said:

“People in East Dunbartonshire and across Scotland can feel the calamitous impact of Brexit, whether through the loss of trade opportunities or the loss of funding coming in from the EU.

“Yet the Tories, pro-Brexit Labour Party, and even the Lib Dems have decided to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the writing on the wall – that Brexit has been a failure and that Scotland is poorer for leaving the EU’s single market. 

“Whilst the cost-of-living crisis continues to ravage on, and the three Westminster parties squabble over sticking plasters to fix the economic chaos, the SNP is the only party focused on supporting communities across Scotland and lifting people out of poverty.

“At the next general election, voting SNP will mean rejecting the failures of Brexit, tackling the cost of living crisis, and re-joining the world’s largest single market with EU membership.”

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