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Peak services needed for Lenzie station

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Councillor Gillian Renwick, Rona Mackay MSP and Amy Callaghan MP have written jointly to Scotrail to call for peak time train services to be reinstated at Lenzie station. The SNP politicians wrote to Scotrail’s Managing Director Alex Hynes calling for the reinstatement of peak time trains to Lenzie station between Glasgow, Edinburgh and beyond as more people begin to move to hybrid models of home and office working.

According to the Office of Rail and Road, 0.917million travellers used Lenzie train station in 2019/20, an approximate 35% increase from the figure for 2016/17 (0.682million). With more commuters using the network during the summer, Councillor Renwick, Rona and Amy have all received complaints regarding the cancellation of services. In the letter, the politicians added “We look to Scotrail to support these travellers, and they are facing fewer trains and longer journeys as they return to offices across the central belt. It’s disappointing, and it’s disrespectful to the passengers who’ve supported Scotrail through the years, to have the direct services stopped altogether, and the indirect services punted around Scotland.”

Commenting, Councillor Renwick said: “It’s unacceptable that the service expected from our constituents is falling short and we’re calling on Scotrail to increase their service provision to Lenzie station. “As our letter makes clear, our constituents are relying on public transport as they return to office based work. We are acting on their behalf that, as they move to a hybrid mode of working, they have a reliable, dependable transport service to get them where they need to go. In a joint statement, Rona and Amy added:

“Alongside Gillian, we are joining the call to Scotrail to ensure we have scheduled peak time services at Lenzie station to assist our constituents during their commute. “Investment in the surrounding infrastructure, such as the car-park and neighbouring streets, will all be futile if commuters cannot rely on public transport to get them to their destination. “We’re hopeful for a speedy resolution with Scotrail and would be happy to meet with them to impress upon them the real need for reinstatement of peak services to Lenzie station.

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