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East Dunbartonshire MP joins call to scrap Rwanda deportation policy

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Amy Callaghan MP has joined cross-party calls for the UK Government to scrap their abhorrent policy decision to deport refugees to Rwanda.

In a joint letter to the Prime Minister, MPs from across the House called upon the Government to cancel the planned flight which was scheduled for the 14th of June, and to scrap the deportation deal with the Rwandan government entirely.

The flight was subsequently halted following a last minute injunction from the European Court of Human Rights to stop the move. Nevertheless, Ms Callaghan has stated she and her SNP colleagues remain committed to seeing the 'heartless' policy scrapped and that the current process for dealing with refugees entering the UK must be reformed to treat people with respect and dignity.

You can view the aforementioned letter in its entirety below.

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