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Politicians and Police come together to discuss community safety

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Community safety was top of the agenda for local East Dunbartonshire politicians as SNP MSPs Rona Mackay, Marie McNair and local SNP MP Amy Callaghan met with Police Scotland Chief Inspector John Menzies. The East Dunbartonshire Local Area Commander held discussions with the representatives regarding their concern relating to recent high profile incidents throughout the area.

Following a number of attacks in East Dunbartonshire, the SNP representatives organised the briefing as part of their shared endeavour to address crime in the area.

The politicians were quick to thank police officers in East Dunbartonshire, calling their continued service to the community “unparalleled” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

East Dunbartonshire MP Amy Callaghan, who organised the briefing, said:

“I’m extremely grateful to the Chief Inspector for both his time and expediency in organising this briefing after my call. Like most throughout our community, I’ve been concerned with the recent reports of crime and violent attacks throughout East Dunbartonshire.

“On behalf of my constituents, I was pleased to receive assurances that not only have extensive inquiries taken place leading to arrests but there are further, intensive interventions in place throughout our communities to ensure those who engage in criminal conduct are brought to task.

“My thanks, as always, are with our unparalleled Police Scotland officers who continue to keep us safe and secure throughout East Dunbartonshire.

Jointly speaking, SNP MSP Rona Mackay and newly elected SNP MSP Marie McNair said:

“The officers working in East Dunbartonshire do a sterling job in keeping our constituents safe during the pandemic.

“Alongside Amy, we have been deeply troubled with the recent high-profile incidents of crime occurring throughout our constituencies. We’re pleased the Chief Inspector was able to assure us of the ongoing inquiries from Police Scotland and the continued progress in rooting out the cause of crime both within East Dunbartonshire and beyond.

Police Scotland Chief Inspector John Menzies added:

"As the local area commander in East Dunbartonshire I am grateful for the continued support of the local community and our elected officials. The strong collaborative relationships we have with partners across the area give a multitude of opportunities to raise concerns as and when they arise. "We have a robust local policing plan in place to address concerns in the area and I welcomed this opportunity to discuss our priorities with our locally elected representatives. "The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all work and live, policing has adapted and as the restrictions lift our proactivity will continue to increase, we remain committed to keeping our community safe."

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